Motivation Monday

You are Enough!

Everything you have right now is enough. You are old enough, tall enough, smart enough, funny enough, young enough, creative enough,talented enough, goofy enough, caring enough, kind enough, strong enough..etc YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Too often we delay are success by saying, “I’ll be happy when this happens… I would be successful if I had more money… I would be nicer if they liked me… I could start a business if I had someone else show me how to do it… I could move on after they apologize…etc” Whatever the reasoning is,we are often waiting for a “miracle”, “blessing”, or “rescue” to our problem, but they simply serve as excuses!

Instead of hoping and waiting for something to happen in order for you to start operating in your purpose, I encourage you to open your hands in front of you, spread them apart, look at them,  look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that , “Everything you have right now is ENOUGH.”

You do not need to wait on anything or anyone, because you have enough inspiration , enough life experience , enough ideas, and enough knowledge to start making moves towards your goal.

When you start operating in your purpose with what you have, you attract success, and you will attract the right people to join you along your journey. That does not mean people will come simply to work FOR you, but  God will assign people to your life to work WITH YOU to get you to your destination.

When you surround yourself with other people who are progressing towards greatness, your perspective will change, your desires will change, your circle of friends will change, and your thoughts will change.

But nothing changes if you don’t realize that you are ENOUGH to start your own engine, and move towards greatness! There is nothing to wait for , there’s just work to do.



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