Wisdom Wednesday

Comparisons Murder Dreams!

Comparing yourself to someone else is the death to your sense of purpose, which kills your dreams.

I came up with an analogy to help me along my journey, when thinking about this topic.

Everyone is assigned a garden, and a tree of life. Everyone is given fertilizer , water, and seeds. Each seed is custom made for each individual. Every garden is susceptible to the snakes, squirrels, and raccoons that want to eat their produce. However, not everyone has the same amount of time with their garden.

The gardens that have very little fruit , that have been stomped on, and have more dirt than grass, happen because they were never watered properly. The seeds sit on the table, rather than being planted on a  regular basis. The gardener keeps looking at someone else’s garden to see why their grass is greener. But instead of trying to figure out why someone else’s garden is producing fruit, they should be watering their own garden. Every time you look at someone else’s garden, you stop watering yours, and thats how your garden dies.

The gardens that are full of produce, grass, and trees, are like that because they consistently PLANT THE SEEDS THAT THEY WERE GIVEN, and water their fertilizer consistently. The tree is able to grow because it is water and nurtured on a consistent basis, the gardener does not get discouraged if the sun does not always shine because the shade also helps the tree retain moisture. The tree of life continues to give life and produce other fruits. The garden , even though snakes and other animals may show up, is strong enough to lose some produce, in order for the rest of the garden to stay fruitful. Consistency in watering and planting seeds is the key to the healthy garden.

Keep this in mind as you start progressing in your garden. Keep watering what you have right now and you will reap  your harvest. Don’t let comparisons kill your dreams. Remember, everyone has a snake, raccoon, or squirrel  trying to steal their garden, no one is except from pain.




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