The Spiritual Cleanse

 God gave me a new mentoring  program called, The Spiritual Cleanse. Some of you may not know, but I’ve been off of social media for 8 months! I have done 5 additional fasts from food   while fasting from social media, and I did different things to rebuke and remove the strong holds off my life.

This turned into a boldness and hunger for God, success, and prosperity! I AM LITERALLY WATCHING MY LIFE CHANGE BECAUSE OF IT!

I will be guiding you for 4 weeks as we fast from 4 different things each week. Especially if you feel like you can’t fast or don’t know how, this program will give you the discipline, the power and the strength to hear God’s voice and move when He says move!

I’m hosting a FREE Webinar on it in 2 weeks! I hope you’re on there because I will be focusing on trauma and deliverance! I’ve got a word for you!

I’ll send out the webinar link next week, so sign up ASAP!

See you there!


When Your Past Pops Up

When Your Past Pops Up 
Whenever you’re on the verge of shifting your focus, making a great move for God, letting go, and wanting more for yourself, don’t be surprised when someone or something from your past tries to pop up!   This is known as a distraction!
The enemy knows that your not as effective when you’re leading with your emotions. Sending someone from your past that you had an emotional connection with like your father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, mentor, mother, or pet, can put you back in the same spot that you tried to leave. But, when this happens, what do you do?
        You Pop Back!  
First- Pop back with the word of God! Say a scripture that you recall from memory, and if not, then get your Bible, get on the Bible App, and say whatever scripture you see!
Second-You brag about how much you have grown and how far you have come. Look at all the progress, growth, and commitment you’ve put into  protecting yourself!
Third- Show yourself compassion! It’s okay to take some time and feel sad for a moment, maybe a day, but make a vow to yourself that after that day, those negative thoughts, and that person no longer have access to your mind.
Fourth- Praise God for the protection! This person, thing, or memory is popping up to distract you and remind you of a hard place, but please know that you don’t have to go back! Focus on the present moment!

            It Takes Time 
It takes time to get over that disappointment, that hurt, that back stabbing, that rejection, that heartbreak, that loss, that death, that feeling.

Give yourself the grace to feel and HEAL! Healing is the part most people miss! God wants to heal you and do a new thing in you life! A new thing!

Receive that, believe that, enjoy that!

Whose Voice is Louder?

Sometimes we struggle with trusting ourself, trusting our decisions, trusting our journey. I’ve noticed that when I am not stable in my decision making process , it’s because there’s too many opinions in my mind at one time.

People ask how I am able to have several business, be in graduate school at USC, be a cheerleader, run clubs, work, intern, and write a book, all at the same time!

It’s because God’s voice became louder than my voice.

Most of the time we have 4 select voices that we hear: God’s voice, Our voice, the enemy’s voice, and the voice of others.

Usually when I hear very negative thought that accuse me of not being enough, not being worth, with hurtful words, I KNOW that’s the enemy’s voice. So I can instantly ignore it.

When I think of the words from other people that I have heard or think of the opinions of others , I know that voice is it not my own and comes from the insecurity of being accepted. That’s the voice of other people. 

When I hear several things to check off a list, evaluating the pros and cons of a situation, and working through my fears, I know that’s my voice.

When I hear clear instructions, stand still, become peaceful, and not fidget, I know that’s God’s voice. It is direct, to the point, and it also has some sort of confirmation that I never considered. It does not produce more stress, but more strategy. Peaceful instruction- that’s God’s voice!

I hope you take the time throughout your day to evaluate who is leading your decisions, your relationships, your conversations.

P.S My new book, The Dangers of Being Gullible is Coming Soon!
Get ready for Pre-Orders!