The Spiritual Cleanse

 God gave me a new mentoring  program called, The Spiritual Cleanse. Some of you may not know, but I’ve been off of social media for 8 months! I have done 5 additional fasts from food   while fasting from social media, and I did different things to rebuke and remove the strong holds off my life.

This turned into a boldness and hunger for God, success, and prosperity! I AM LITERALLY WATCHING MY LIFE CHANGE BECAUSE OF IT!

I will be guiding you for 4 weeks as we fast from 4 different things each week. Especially if you feel like you can’t fast or don’t know how, this program will give you the discipline, the power and the strength to hear God’s voice and move when He says move!

I’m hosting a FREE Webinar on it in 2 weeks! I hope you’re on there because I will be focusing on trauma and deliverance! I’ve got a word for you!

I’ll send out the webinar link next week, so sign up ASAP!

See you there!


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