The Enemy Believes In You

Ever feel like nothing is going right? Like there’s a target on your back?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to enhance your relationship with God because everytime you turn around, it’s like something bad  is happening.

You get in a car accident, you loose a friend, you loose a job, you get a ticket, you get an unexpected expense. There’s always something!

I know, and I have come to realize that this usually happens because the enemy believes in you! Satan himself sees your potential, power, and poise and he is doing everything he can to make sure that you don’t see it.

I remember my second semester of graduate school, I got fired from my job, went to y car and then got rear ended in a car accident right in front of the campus, and I had 3 papers due! This  all happened in a 2 hour time period. It was so much! It was too much! I was so flustered and over whelmed.

But I realized: The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

Sometimes, that means he comes to kill your dreams and visions.  He comes to steal your ideas. He comes to destroy your relationships and friendships.

When you feel like you’re getting jumped in life, with one obstacle after the other, I encourage you to reframe your thoughts to, “Wow I must be close to a huge miracle and you’re trying to stop me! Satan get thee behind me and don’t come back in the name of Jesus! “

He believes in you, he wouldn’t be attacking you like this if he wasn’t trying to stop you from getting somewhere.

Now it’s time for you to believe in you!!! 

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The Spiritual Cleanse

 God gave me a new mentoring  program called, The Spiritual Cleanse. Some of you may not know, but I’ve been off of social media for 8 months! I have done 5 additional fasts from food   while fasting from social media, and I did different things to rebuke and remove the strong holds off my life.

This turned into a boldness and hunger for God, success, and prosperity! I AM LITERALLY WATCHING MY LIFE CHANGE BECAUSE OF IT!

I will be guiding you for 4 weeks as we fast from 4 different things each week. Especially if you feel like you can’t fast or don’t know how, this program will give you the discipline, the power and the strength to hear God’s voice and move when He says move!

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When Your Past Pops Up

When Your Past Pops Up 
Whenever you’re on the verge of shifting your focus, making a great move for God, letting go, and wanting more for yourself, don’t be surprised when someone or something from your past tries to pop up!   This is known as a distraction!
The enemy knows that your not as effective when you’re leading with your emotions. Sending someone from your past that you had an emotional connection with like your father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, mentor, mother, or pet, can put you back in the same spot that you tried to leave. But, when this happens, what do you do?
        You Pop Back!  
First- Pop back with the word of God! Say a scripture that you recall from memory, and if not, then get your Bible, get on the Bible App, and say whatever scripture you see!
Second-You brag about how much you have grown and how far you have come. Look at all the progress, growth, and commitment you’ve put into  protecting yourself!
Third- Show yourself compassion! It’s okay to take some time and feel sad for a moment, maybe a day, but make a vow to yourself that after that day, those negative thoughts, and that person no longer have access to your mind.
Fourth- Praise God for the protection! This person, thing, or memory is popping up to distract you and remind you of a hard place, but please know that you don’t have to go back! Focus on the present moment!

            It Takes Time 
It takes time to get over that disappointment, that hurt, that back stabbing, that rejection, that heartbreak, that loss, that death, that feeling.

Give yourself the grace to feel and HEAL! Healing is the part most people miss! God wants to heal you and do a new thing in you life! A new thing!

Receive that, believe that, enjoy that!

Whose Voice is Louder?

Sometimes we struggle with trusting ourself, trusting our decisions, trusting our journey. I’ve noticed that when I am not stable in my decision making process , it’s because there’s too many opinions in my mind at one time.

People ask how I am able to have several business, be in graduate school at USC, be a cheerleader, run clubs, work, intern, and write a book, all at the same time!

It’s because God’s voice became louder than my voice.

Most of the time we have 4 select voices that we hear: God’s voice, Our voice, the enemy’s voice, and the voice of others.

Usually when I hear very negative thought that accuse me of not being enough, not being worth, with hurtful words, I KNOW that’s the enemy’s voice. So I can instantly ignore it.

When I think of the words from other people that I have heard or think of the opinions of others , I know that voice is it not my own and comes from the insecurity of being accepted. That’s the voice of other people. 

When I hear several things to check off a list, evaluating the pros and cons of a situation, and working through my fears, I know that’s my voice.

When I hear clear instructions, stand still, become peaceful, and not fidget, I know that’s God’s voice. It is direct, to the point, and it also has some sort of confirmation that I never considered. It does not produce more stress, but more strategy. Peaceful instruction- that’s God’s voice!

I hope you take the time throughout your day to evaluate who is leading your decisions, your relationships, your conversations.

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Nothing Works Unless You Do

“Nothing works unless you do.”  This quote by Maya Angelou screams “self care” to me. Self care is the act of doing self soothing activities that promote stress reducing symptoms. Self-care is putting yourself first, and making sure to play hard, and not just work hard.

When you don’t operate on a full glass, nothing else works. When you are pouring into other people as a performer, mentor, teacher, advocate, parent, or any act of service, it can be draining at times.

Making sure that you are well equipped mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically in essential to achieving your goals.

Self care looks like taking a walk with your dog after coming home from school, eating ice cream with your friends, going to your friends birthday party in stead of staying home and working on the business plan.

Too much of anything is not good.

Write down the 10 things that keep you happy, active, and hopeful. You are worth the personal time.

Nothing works unless you do, make sure you’re working at your best!



Good Grief

Many of you may not know my story.

Since 2014 I have had 6 people in my family die- unexpectedly- back to back. This happened while I’m in graduate school, cheerleading for USC, President and Founder of 2 organizations, and working. Which I’m still doing most of, to this day.

I developed this incomprehensible  fear,  it specifically felt like separation of anxiety. Always on edge, not wanting to lose friendships, sensitive to criticism, always looking at people as if it would be my last time. So much self blame, “Could I have called more, sent texts more, said “I love you more?”

Why did this happen to me? Why me? Why did I go through it alone?

I couldn’t find God in this season. I say this because I know He’s always there; I just couldn’t see Him. I was mad at Him. I did not feel His love. I was offended that He permitted these causalities to happen to me. All of these deaths were unexpected and traumatizing.

Being busy was not a form of distraction, but a form of routine. It served it’s purpose, but I got tired. I lost some of my memory, my sanity, my ability to process information, and so much of myself.

I don’t know what grieving looks like. I don’t know if I have fully done it yet. I feel like I’m a numb.

My behaviors and functioning improved over the past year, since January 2016.

However, this month, and specifically this week,  I told God, “Okay, I’m willing to start this healing process with you on this particular topic.” Ironically, this is the same week when I attempted to start doing a devotional plan on the topic of grief. I started the devotional plans and remained consistent.

The next morning,  I was informed that a church member of mine passed away.  I lifted her and her family up and thought of how nice of a person she was. TODAY I was informed that one of my professors at USC passed away as well, and will be taking off life support tomorrow.

Let that sit.

I’m still trying to. I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know what grief looks like.

Our other professor informed my cohort and I the news, as people walked in the classroom crying. Sitting in the chairs weeping. Passing boxes of tissue around the classroom. And hugging each other during this time of loss.

We unexpectedly lost a great professor , father, son, healer,and human being.

We spent the rest of the class making cards for his 3 year old daughter. Coloring and drawing were extremely helpful. I wrote him a poem and poured my honest admiration and appreciation to him. That’s all I have right now. Thoughts. Thoughts for his family, his daughter, his partner, his soul, his students.


And thoughts for God about how all of this is working? How I should, would , or could be reacting? Thoughts, just heavy thoughts.





Some Time

I’ve taken some time.

Some time for me.

Some time to breathe.

Some time to see

That everything that I have,

Sometimes is just for me.

It’s not always meant to be shared

Or given away

It’s exactly where it needs to be in the right place.

I don’t need to loose time working harder, when I could be working smarter.

I don’t need to be in competition with anyone because I am GOD’S uniquely made daughter.

He gave me the gift of time.

So I take that time

And sometimes

I don’t text back

I don’t answer calls

I stay off  social media

I don’t go to the mall.

I just take some time.

Some time to get right

So if you haven’t heard from me,

I am accepting God’s gift

Taking some time to have God get me right.

  • “Some Time” A Poem by JaySoJay
  • All Rights Reserved
  • Copyright JaySoJay 2017


Wisdom Wednesday

Comparisons Murder Dreams!

Comparing yourself to someone else is the death to your sense of purpose, which kills your dreams.

I came up with an analogy to help me along my journey, when thinking about this topic.

Everyone is assigned a garden, and a tree of life. Everyone is given fertilizer , water, and seeds. Each seed is custom made for each individual. Every garden is susceptible to the snakes, squirrels, and raccoons that want to eat their produce. However, not everyone has the same amount of time with their garden.

The gardens that have very little fruit , that have been stomped on, and have more dirt than grass, happen because they were never watered properly. The seeds sit on the table, rather than being planted on a  regular basis. The gardener keeps looking at someone else’s garden to see why their grass is greener. But instead of trying to figure out why someone else’s garden is producing fruit, they should be watering their own garden. Every time you look at someone else’s garden, you stop watering yours, and thats how your garden dies.

The gardens that are full of produce, grass, and trees, are like that because they consistently PLANT THE SEEDS THAT THEY WERE GIVEN, and water their fertilizer consistently. The tree is able to grow because it is water and nurtured on a consistent basis, the gardener does not get discouraged if the sun does not always shine because the shade also helps the tree retain moisture. The tree of life continues to give life and produce other fruits. The garden , even though snakes and other animals may show up, is strong enough to lose some produce, in order for the rest of the garden to stay fruitful. Consistency in watering and planting seeds is the key to the healthy garden.

Keep this in mind as you start progressing in your garden. Keep watering what you have right now and you will reap  your harvest. Don’t let comparisons kill your dreams. Remember, everyone has a snake, raccoon, or squirrel  trying to steal their garden, no one is except from pain.



Business Talk Tuesday

The Work You Do In PRIVATE, Will Bring Praise in PUBLIC!

Do not regret or avoid small beginnings. The time you spend sending emails, reaching out to professors, volunteering, building content, brain storming, networking, and the countless all-nighters , are all necessary components that contribute to your success.

It’s the things that people can’t see, it’s the time that they do not see you working, it’s the hours no one ever saw you dedicate to your goals that will manifest greatness in you, and allow you to develop the  strength and tenacity to progress.

You will know that you are not an over night success, because you know the value of your dedication. The praise you receive from people , will be acceptable and astonishing because they have no idea that your success  is worthy.

Remember, seeds are small, but they have to be planted in the ground and nurtured in order to turn into redwood trees.

You are at the right place and right time , stay steady on our journey.



Motivation Monday

You are Enough!

Everything you have right now is enough. You are old enough, tall enough, smart enough, funny enough, young enough, creative enough,talented enough, goofy enough, caring enough, kind enough, strong enough..etc YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Too often we delay are success by saying, “I’ll be happy when this happens… I would be successful if I had more money… I would be nicer if they liked me… I could start a business if I had someone else show me how to do it… I could move on after they apologize…etc” Whatever the reasoning is,we are often waiting for a “miracle”, “blessing”, or “rescue” to our problem, but they simply serve as excuses!

Instead of hoping and waiting for something to happen in order for you to start operating in your purpose, I encourage you to open your hands in front of you, spread them apart, look at them,  look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that , “Everything you have right now is ENOUGH.”

You do not need to wait on anything or anyone, because you have enough inspiration , enough life experience , enough ideas, and enough knowledge to start making moves towards your goal.

When you start operating in your purpose with what you have, you attract success, and you will attract the right people to join you along your journey. That does not mean people will come simply to work FOR you, but  God will assign people to your life to work WITH YOU to get you to your destination.

When you surround yourself with other people who are progressing towards greatness, your perspective will change, your desires will change, your circle of friends will change, and your thoughts will change.

But nothing changes if you don’t realize that you are ENOUGH to start your own engine, and move towards greatness! There is nothing to wait for , there’s just work to do.